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Soniclear Elite and Petite FAQs

Soniclear Elite and Petite FAQs

Soniclear - Can you explain the serum infusion head and how to use it

Soniclear Serum Infusion Head allows you to harness the power of sonic movements to apply serums and creams onto the skin for maximum efficiency. Sonic movements at hundreds of times per second help the beneficial ingredients in your skincare product

Soniclear - Do I wet the brush or my skin when applying cleanser?

We recommend that you lightly wet your skin and the brush head. Feel free to apply the cleanser directly to the brush head before using your Soniclear. You can also apply it directly to your skin, whatever your preference. Remember that Soniclear als

Soniclear - Does the brush spin?

Soniclear is better than a spinning/rotating brush. The Soniclear brush heads do NOT spin or rotate. Traditional spinning brushes stretch the skin, and sonic cleansing is gentle and 7x’s more effective! It may look like they are not moving, but you c

Soniclear Petite - Does it have low battery indicator lights to alert you when to charge the unit?

Yes, the Soniclear Petite has a low battery indicator that signals when to charge the unit. The red light will flash five times to alert you to charge the device. If you keep trying to use the brush, it will beep and not turn on, and the red light wi

Soniclear Petite - Is it meant to remove makeup, or should the face be made up free before use?

The Soniclear can be used to remove a full face of makeup effectively.

Soniclear Petite - How long does it take to charge?

Before your first use, charge your Soniclear for 12 hours. Allow 8 Hours for subsequent charges.

Soniclear Petite - Are the Michael Todd replacement brush heads compatible with the Petite and Elite Soniclear models?

The Soniclear Petite Sonic Cleansing Brush is compatible with the Antimicrobial Face Brush Head, Antimicrobial Delicate Sensitive Brush Head and the Sonic Infuser Head. The Soniclear Petite is not compatible with the Antimicrobial Body Brush Head.

Soniclear - Is it good for blackheads?

The Soniclear helps to exfoliate while cleansing the skin. When dead skin and debris are cleared from the pore's opening, "blackheads" are easier to extract and remove.

Soniclear Petite - Does it help diminish fine lines and wrinkles?

The Soniclear helps to provide a daily stimulating sonic exfoliation which is known to provide anti-aging beauty benefits.

Soniclear Petite - Do the bristles move/rotate or spin?

The Soniclear Brush moves back and forth at approx. 300x's per second! The movement is similar to how a broom sweeps back and forth. The brush does not rotate.

Soniclear Petite - What is the best way to clean the brush head?

The best way to clean the brush head is with warm soapy water.

Soniclear Petite - Is the Soniclear dual voltage? Can this work with both 110W and 220W?

This unit comes with a USB Charging Cable.  The Soniclear Petite is compatible with 110W.

Soniclear Petite - Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

The brush that comes with the Soniclear Petite is the standard antimicrobial face brush head. It's acceptable for all skin types. However, if you are extremely sensitive, we recommend you try the sensitive or the cashmere brush heads available for pu

Soniclear Petite - Are these compatible with Clarisonic brush heads?

The Clarisonic heads are not compatible with the Soniclear Cleansing Brushes. Only the Michael Todd Soniclear antimicrobial brush heads will fit the Soniclear Elite and Soniclear Petite models.

Soniclear Petite - How often do you have to change out the brush head?

We recommend replacing brush heads once in six months with regular use.

Soniclear Petite - Does it help exfoliate and remove dry skin?

The Soniclear Petite uses sonic speeds at approximately 18,000 movements per minute to gently and effectively cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Daily cleansing and exfoliation with Soniclear followed by hydrating skincare products, should help improve

Soniclear Petite - Is the face brush waterproof?

Yes, the Soniclear Petite is fully waterproof for use in the shower and bath.

Soniclear Petite - Does the brush spin, or does it just vibrate?

The Soniclear does not spin. Instead, Soniclear utilizes state-of-the-art sonic technology. Each one of Soniclear's brush bristles oscillates at sonic speeds and acts like microbrooms to cleanse deeply and gently exfoliate.

Soniclear Petite - How often should you use it?

How often you use the Soniclear depends on your specific skin's needs. Most people cleanse 1-2 times daily with Soniclear, but some skin types require to use 1-2 times weekly. The best way to evaluate your skin's needs is to start slow. If using one

Soniclear Petite - What is the difference between the Petite and Elite Soniclear models?

The Soniclear Petite and the Soniclear Elite have many similarities and some differences. Both models have patented antimicrobial-protected brushes that guard against 99% of bacteria and the Serum Infuser Head. Both models have three FACE speeds, are

Soniclear Petite - Is the Soniclear similar to the Clarisonic and which one is better?

Michael Todd utilizes Sonic Technology which oscillates the brush bristles to help clear makeup, dirt, and oil better than hands alone. The sonic movement of the brush is similar to that of the other brand. However, Michael Todd is the only brand to