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Sonicsmooth - Does dermaplaning cause razor burn or ingrown hair?Updated 2 years ago

The Sonicsmooth targets peach fuzz on the delicate skin on a woman's face, not the coarser hair found on the legs. Ingrown hairs and razor burn are not typical when dermaplaning. If this is something that you are prone to when shaving, the best recommendation we have is to make sure to use the prep cleanser and the soothe after gel. It's essential always to use a new Safety Edge each time. You may also want to try and small test patch to see how your skin reacts. However, most people do not encounter these issues when dermaplaning. 


The good news is that once you start dermaplaning, you don't have to keep it up if you don't want to. Your peach fuzz should grow back at the same rate, thickness, and color, so there isn't any commitment to try Sonicsmooth 

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