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Sonicsmooth FAQs

Sonicsmooth - Will my hair grow back thicker after use?

Thankfully, sonic dermaplaning will not make your vellus facial hair (peach fuzz) grow thicker, coarser, darker, or faster. The Sonicsmooth expertly trims the hair at the surface and does not affect the root of the hair. The design of the Sonicsmooth

Sonicsmooth - Can it be used on the entire face?

You can use the Sonicsmooth on the entire face. Avoid the thin-skinned areas such as the eyelid and lip area.

Sonicsmooth - How is this better than a drugstore razor?

The Sonicsmooth does so much more for us than a drug store shaving device. Removing unwanted facial hair is just one of the functions Sonicsmooth provides. Sonicsmooth is not a face shaver, it’s the world’s first sonic dermaplaning system for home us

Sonicsmooth - Why is this better than a man's razor?

Women tend to get ingrown hairs from shaving their face with a razor with more than one edge. The first two blades are dull on a two or three-bladed razor. Their purpose is to snag and pull the hair taut so that when the 3rd blade cuts the hair, it c

Sonicsmooth - How is this different from dermaplaning?

Sonicsmooth is a 2-in-1 sonic dermaplaning system for exfoliation and hair removal for at-home use. Compared to the in-office dermaplaning treatment at your local spa, the Sonicsmooth utilizes 258 sonic movements per second, working together to exfol

Sonicsmooth - Is this similar to the Dermaflash unit?

No, Dermaflash is a unit "inspired" by dermaplaning. Michael Todd Beauty offers the world's first true sonic dermaplaning system, the Sonicsmooth.

Sonicsmooth - Does dermaplaning cause acne?

Dermaplaning is not known to cause acne, and here are some tips to ease your concern. 1. Properly prep the skin with the included prep cleanser and apply the soothe after treatment gel. 2. Start with a small test area and see how your skin reacts. 3.

Sonicsmooth - Can I use this if I have acne?

Great question! It depends upon the amount and severity of the acne. You do not want to use Sonicsmooth directly over a blemish. As long as you can safely avoid blemishes or raised areas, it is acceptable to use Sonicsmooth.

Sonicsmooth - How much does it cost?

The Sonicsmooth is $121 and includes the following:. • Rechargeable Device Handle. • 8 Single Use Safety Edges (2 month supply). • Charging Dock with Wall Plug-in Charging Cord. • User Manual. • 2 Year Warranty. The Sonicsmooth replenishment tips are

Sonicsmooth - How many uses can you get from one safety edge?

The Safety Tips are single-use for sanitary reasons. We recommend a Sonicsmooth treatment every seven days to maintain a smooth complexion. Our edges are single-use for hygienic purposes, ensuring the best possible result after every treatment.

Sonicsmooth - Why are the safety edges single use?

We recommend changing safety edges after every use to maximize your treatment. Do not reuse the safety edges.

Sonicsmooth - Does dermaplaning cause razor burn or ingrown hair?

The Sonicsmooth targets peach fuzz on the delicate skin on a woman's face, not the coarser hair found on the legs. Ingrown hairs and razor burn are not typical when dermaplaning. If this is something that you are prone to when shaving, the best recom

Sonicsmooth - Why does it say not to use it on your nose?

The Sonicsmooth is not for use on the nose, lips, and eyelids. You can use it on all other areas of the face and neck.

Sonicsmooth - Does it help improve elasticity and smooth out wrinkles?

The Sonicsmooth helps remove dead skin, debris, and peach fuzz layers. After a Sonicsmooth treatment, your skin is prepped and better able to absorb the beneficial ingredients in your anti-aging skin care products. By exfoliating away dead, dull skin

Sonicsmooth - Can you use an exfoliator/scrub while using the tool?

You could perform both treatments, but we recommend leaving a minimum of 5 days between each treatment to not over-exfoliate your skin.

Sonicsmooth - Does it remove blackheads?

Sonicsmooth does not remove blackheads. However, Sonicsmooth provides an exfoliation treatment that makes the extraction of blackheads easier.

Sonicsmooth - Do you recommend using the tool in the hair's direction, or should you go against the hair growth?

We recommend using it in the direction of hair growth. Can you use this under your arms and on your legs? Can you use it in the shower?. Sonicsmooth should not be used on any other area than the face or neck and should never be used in the shower or

Sonicsmooth - How well does it work on those thick dark hairs on the chin and neck?

Sonicsmooth is ideal for targeting those thick, dark hairs that many of us get on our chin and neck. Ideally, Sonicsmooth is a one-time, weekly sonic dermaplaning treatment for the entire face, but it also serves as a great way to target those pesky

Sonicsmooth - If you have moles on your face can you use the tool on them or will it take them off?

Do not use the Sonicsmooth over raised areas such as moles. We recommend using Sonicsmooth with caution when working around moles. Customers with moles may choose to use Sonicsmooth if they can safely avoid the raised areas while working around the f

Sonicsmooth - Can it be used on all skin types or will it cause hyperpigmentation on darker skin?

The Sonicsmooth is safe and effective for all skin types and skin tones, including darker skin.

Sonicsmooth - Is it a disposable tool and do you throw it away after using it?

No, the tool itself is not disposable, only the safety edges. The replacement kit is available for purchase. Each kit contains an 8-week protocol.

Sonicsmooth - If you take prescribed retinol cream can you still use the tool?

Since Retinol is an exfoliator and the Sonicsmooth is also an exfoliator, it is not recommended to use both together.

Sonicsmooth - Can you use your own serum after dermaplaning instead of the serum that comes with the sonicsmooth?

You can use any hydrating soothing serum after dermaplaning as long as it is free from harsh chemicals and other exfoliators like AHA's or Retinol. It's also good to avoid serums with artificial colors or fragrances.

Sonicsmooth - Is it painful to use?

Sonic Dermaplaning with Sonicsmooth is pain-free! In an independent Consumer Perception Study,. 100% of study participants reported no pain when using the Sonicsmooth.

Sonicsmooth - What advice do you have if I get redness caused after dermaplaning the face?

We recommend using the Sonicsmooth to dermaplane at night and going to bed with freshly exfoliated skin. Once you have completed the treatment, following up with your favorite serum or moisturizer will remove any redness. The level of redness will de

Sonicsmooth - Can you use the device if you have a hormonal device?

Hormone Imbalance can cause excessive hair growth in women, especially on the lower third of their face. The Sonicsmooth is an affordable, safe, and effective way to remove unwanted facial hair instantly!

How to Use Microsmooth Tips

How to use the Sonicsmooth?

How do I turn on the Sonicsmooth Pro+ and its light feature?

Turning on your Sonicsmooth Pro+ and its integrated light feature is straightforward. Here’s how to do it:. If the light does not turn on when you power up the device, ensure that your Sonicsmooth Pro+ is fully charged. For any additional assistance,