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Sonicblend Pro FAQs

Sonicblend Pro FAQs

Sonicblend Pro - Can you purchase other brush heads when the original one wears out? How do you clean the brush head?

The Sonicblend Pro brush heads are removable and washable. Even though the brush heads are antimicrobial, we recommend cleaning the brush heads using warm water and a cleanser of your choice; work into the brush head, rinse and let dry. We recommend

Do the Sonicblend Pro bristles spin?

The brush heads move sonically, so they don't spin or vibrate. Instead, they move 300 times per second in small back and forth movements to create "micro brooms." These micro brooms get below the skin's surface and into pores and wrinkles because of

Sonicblend Pro - Can the brush be charged overnight?

Charge your Sonicblend for 3 hours at a time. After 3 hours of charging, the battery should last between 30 and 60 minutes before recharging.

Sonicblend Pro - Is it good for mature, wrinkled skin or will it make the foundation settle into every little crease?

This brush is the ideal makeup applicator for mature skin. It has a patent-based technology that utilizes sonic energy to move the brush bristles over 400 times per second. This is called 3D Flaw-Fill Technology. This technology fills up wrinkles wit

Sonicblend Pro - Is it waterproof?

The brush handle unit is not waterproof. You may wash the brush heads with regular brush cleaning soap; remove the brush head from the handle. It pulls off easily. Once the brush head is washed and dry, you may snap it back in place.

Sonicblend Pro - Does it come with a brush head, or do you buy that separately?

The Sonicblend does come with a brush head. You may purchase a replacement, and additional brush heads separately.

Sonicblend Pro - Is the brush head supposed to move after it is on the handle? Should it be flush with the handle or have a little space between the brush head and handle?

Make sure the brush head is pushed onto the handle all the way. There is a slight gap between the head and handle. That is normal.

Sonicblend Pro - Can it be used with any foundation or powder foundations only?

The Sonicblend works with any foundation such as liquid, powder or cream and can also be used for blush, setting powder, bronzer, contouring, and highlighting.

Sonicblend Pro - How often should you replace the brush heads?

The Brush Head has been manufactured with an antimicrobial to protect against bacterial contamination. This protection is safe, effective, and long-lasting and will not wash out or wear off for the expected life of the Brush Head. For optimum results